About The Design Library

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TheDesignLibrary is a free online resource that can be used to source proven product designs that could be useful to your business.

The database is updated every 2 weeks and currently has over 2000 images of designs and production runs that have been built up over the last 6 years.  They include packaging, binders, folders, cases, point of sale solutions and much more.

Simply type a description of the type of product your are looking for in the search box and once a Design is found that matches, or is similar to, your requirement, simply click on the request info button, and fill in your details, adding any other relevant information. A telephone number is also a good idea, so that your enquiry can be dealt with easily.

TheDesignLibrary can also be used to promote these proven designs to your own customers.

By directing your customers to your version of TheDesignLibrary you can expand your product offering and receive their emailed enquiries direct to your inbox.

Setting up your own copy of TheDesignLibrary is simple – just click here and complete the form.

A personal unbranded site is free or for an investment of just £149.00 we can set up a fully branded copy of TheDesignLibrary with your logo on every page plus a return to your site button so that you can add a direct link from your own website, we also include links to your social networks along with your logo.

See an example of how it works for one of our partners at x1.TheDesignLibrary.

When you have set up your own site, you can also add your own product designs to TheDesignLibrary and let us and our partners promote them for you.

Once you have introduced customers to TheDesignLibrary, they may see an opportunity for promoting designs to their own clients under their own brand and you could handle this for them and be copied in on any enquiries.

Your DesignLibrary is simple to set up online, just click here and complete the form

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